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Program-Level Outcomes

"Outcomes" are the attributes and capabilities that the M.Ed. program intends to cultivate in its students.  Viewed as a set, they are a vision for excellence. A graduate of the M.Ed. Program is:

A Systems Thinker

  • Perceives self as an educator participating within a larger system of education

  • Demonstrates strategic awareness

  • Looks for patterns and makes connections

  • Sees how parts relate to the whole, including the implications of systems and organizational change

A Communicator

  • Proficient as a writer and as a presenter

  • Capacity to work within groups to listen well, speak well, and co-author

  • Able to collaborate and communicate in a range of modalities (face-to-face and online)

  • Facile with technology, keeps current with emerging technologies and social media

A Creative Problem Solver

  • Situational awareness and leadership in identifying and defining challenges

  • Thinks creatively to generate ideas and be open to alternatives

  • Develops and implements plans for addressing problems and effecting change

  • Is resilient in less-than-optimal circumstances

Culturally Responsive

  • Perceives the professional self as functioning within a global context of education

  • Aware of the dynamics of race, class, gender, and the other cultural factors within community dynamics and intercultural communication

  • Interest in, and capacity to perceive, multiple perspectives

  • Self-aware of cultural perspective and privilege

  • Capacity to serve as an agent for social justice

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