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How People Learn

E D U  6 3 1 9

S P R I N G   2 0 2 3


Introduces the research and science of learning, integrating theory with case studies about learning principles and high-impact practices. Learning takes place in all stages of life: teenagers who go directly from high school to college, adults who “stop out” and return to school after years of work or family commitments, and even retirees who pursue learning made possible by expanded leisure time. Some education takes place formally within higher education; other opportunities are informal, sponsored by organizations such as museums and libraries or available for free online. Focuses on learning in online and mobile environments.


This class was an interesting class to take last in my program. It was an elective choice that I made at the last minute because I forgot that I had one course left to complete–I am happy I took it!

Since I took this class last, after completing many others, it gave me the option to truly engage in reflection of my learning experiences as a student in this program and what I might have done differently if I was the instructor of my classes. For example, there are some previous courses where I might have changed the delivery method of some of the major lectures or videos. Something that I deeply appreciate about this course was using readings that were accessible online through our Northeastern credentials.

Perhaps most useful to me, however, was engaging in evaluating my own competency model. I've completed my MEd–now what? What are my next steps? How do I continue to learn now that I am no longer enrolled in a program? These questions actually prompted me to register for the July residency for education students, something I would not have done otherwise.

Pivotally, I am looking to apply to the EdD program for fall of this year. Learning more about learning, specifically my own personal strengths and weakness will be a major key to success if I move forward with this academic plan.

On a fun note, I deeply enjoyed working on my case study. Since I evaluated learning in video games, I now actively look for learning in other spaces that I might have dismissed previously! This has peaked my curiosity and is something that I will continue to investigate in the future.

On to the next great adventure!

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