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Contemporary Issues

E D U  6 2 2 2

W I N T E R   2 0 2 3


Offers students an opportunity to reflect on their development as scholars, practitioners, and leaders in the field of higher education. Students apply knowledge developed throughout the program to various contemporary issues in higher education. Requires students to demonstrate mastery of content through a significant project and present their final ePortfolios to showcase their work.


This capstone course truly represents the culmination of my work in the MEd program. From the start of the capstone project to its completion, I relied on lessons learned from previous semesters. From incorporating historical and political context into the conversation, to building a cohesive and comprehensive budget proposal, to implementing student development theory grounded in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging: this course felt like familiar but new and exciting at the same time. How wonderful is it to be able to feel confident in your knowledge on a given topic to make recommendations to other practitioners!

From the beginning, I was skeptical of working in groups on a research project of this size with such a quick turnaround time. Though I knew that this was very similar to what would happen outside of the classroom in the work that I do, it feels different–perhaps more stressful–to actually have a grade assigned to that experience. I was wonderfully surprised by how easily my group meshed and got into a rhythm. Thank you to Maia and Diane for your wonderful friendship and guidance throughout this process. Way to go, team!

When I sat down to look through my portfolio, it did finally hit me that I was coming to the end of this program (one more class to go!). By the end of the capstone project itself, I have never felt more confident in my professional and academic ethic, or in my ability to come up with creative and actionable ideas. Looking at my work from the beginning of this program to now, I see a shift in my tone and voice and the confidence in my assertions. I feel more prepared than ever to use the knowledge, skills, and community I have gained as a result of this class and this program–and I am forever grateful to have shared this experience with my classmates.

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